M T Knives

A brief story about how I got started. First off I really feel that we have lost a lot of knowledge here in America because we no longer Pass our skills and knowledge onto our own children, we ship them off to school to learn from “wiser” people than ourselves. However it use to be and still can be found the knowledge of trades passed down from generation, to generation. I started off wanting to learn the proper way to sharpen a knife…. and not only to sharpen a knife but really sharpen a knife, Scary Sharp! So my search began on the internet were I came across Murray Carter http://www.cartercutlery.com Murray really truly understood the method behind sharpening a knife and getting it to the optimum cutting edge. And where did he learn this, In Japan where he studied under many bladesmiths for around 18 yrs. Where the knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. So I went to Oregon to learn from the Best, Murray Jump Started my passion for making knives. Giving me an edge on the rest. Follow me in my Journey into becoming a master bladesmith. Thanks for Your Support, I will keep You posted on my progress.


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