Vote Your favorite Knife

Order the knives from favorite to least and leave a comment on Facebook and someone will Win a prize!!! Will have a drawing in one week from today!

Number 6 will have a full length handle like pic below

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9 thoughts on “Vote Your favorite Knife

  1. 4,3,1,2,6,74 and 3 for appearance and function (killing and dressing animals), 1 and 2 for appearance and general utility, then 6 and 7 for skinning stuff but I'm not really sure which would be better suited and then 5. I'm not sure it can do anything better than 1 and 2.

  2. i think its awsome your being creative with knifemaking. 5364127 thats the order i would put them in brother. 5 is beautiful because you can cut flat with out your hand hitting the cutting surface. like a cooking knife. 3 is an ideal hunting knife and 6 could be really handy cleaning skins of deer because of its big round blade. altho not practical for anything else i can think of.

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