Type of Grinds

1. Sabre Grind: aka “Scandinavian Grind” this is a typical grind for a tactical, or military knife.
2. Hollow Grind: this is a typical grind for straight razors and now more common on massed produced knives. great for a sharp edge but causes the edge to be weak.
3. Chisel Grind: Mostly found on Japanese Culinary knives. Makes for a really sharp edge.
4. Flat Grind: Edge ground all the way to the spine, very sharp edge, but not real durable.
5. Convex Grind: Opposite of a hollow grind, commonly found on axes and such for heavy cutting.
6. Compound Bevel or Double Bevel: This is a great way to have a knife with a sharp edge that has more resilience than a flat grind. The red section is considered the secondary edge. and the black bevel would be considered the primary edge, ( the primary edge does the cutting) 
Having the right grind on your knife is important. There are many combinations or variations of grinds but these are the basic grinds. If your knife has the right grind for what it is used for, and it is a good quality knife. You shouldn’t have to spend too much time maintaining your knife, a quick touch up and it should be ready to go. I only spend a few minutes to bring my knife back to shaving sharp and that is only after it has been used heavily. I hope You learned something new, if you have any questions about Knives I would be glad to answer them. Just e-mail me with your questions at patrick@mtknives.net And don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook Page!
Thank You

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