Knife Lingo

Sorry about this last picture, it should be flipped. These are some of the basic parts of a knife.
1. Butt or Pommel: Can be steel or brass, used to balance the knife and sometimes for striking.
2. Rivet or Mosaic Pin: Used to attach or secure handle to the knife.
3. Bolster: a decorative piece between the blade and handle and sometimes doubles as a guard.
4. Ricasso: Portion of un-sharpened area between the blade and handle.
5. Choil: A recessed space between the edge and bolster to allow sharpening of the entire edge, can also be used to choke up on the knife.
6. Spine: The Un-sharpened top of the blade.
7. Grind: The Secondary Edge Where the steel has been removed to form the edge.
8. Edge: The Primary Edge Where all the magic happens…. well on a well sharpened knife that is 😉
9. Point: Shouldn’t have to explain this one, you will get the point
10. Full Tang: Where the Blade and handle are made from one piece of steel extending the full length of the knife. Makes for the strongest knife possible.
11. Liner: Using liner can Help strengthen the bond between the handle and the knife, it also looks good! 😉

Good to know info. If You have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail at Please Like our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest info.


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