Every Day Carry E.D.C.

Every Day Carry or E.D.C. it is pretty self explanitory. EDC is what you carry every day no matter where you go! For most people this would include their car keys and wallet. But what I want to talk about is being prepaired for what ever might come your way. And on the top of the list for that is a Cutting Tool.  For now we are only going to discuss just that, and what I carry.
First off I always carry my Neck Knife, the only time I take it off is when I shower and I put it on top of my clean clothes so I don’t forget it! I tend to be forgetful sometimes πŸ™‚ I try to keep my Neck Knife Scary Sharp all the time. Once you see how nice it is to have a knife that is Scary Sharp and stays that way you will always laugh inside when someone hands you their knife and says “be careful it is sharp!” 
Next off is my Kershaw, This is my next knife of choice, it is reserved for dirty work like cutting cardboard when I want to preserve my edge on my neck knife, but really It doesn’t get used much. Once you get use to reaching for your neck knife you will 9 times out of 10 have it pulled out and done with what you were doing without thinking twice about the other knives you have. 
This brings me to the point, there is a saying two is one, and one is NONE! Meaning if all you carry is one knife or one anything, when you need it most it is not going to be there!
I can not stress enough the importance of redundancy! Next off is my Leatherman, I really love my leatherman super tool 300 it has saved so much time, be it saving me a trip to look for a screwdriver or a pair of pliers, This tool has so many uses. I have used the knife on it but never because I had too. But if the need ever came up ( I don’t know why it ever would) I have a third option when it comes to a knife.
And last, I only add this knife because I have it almost everyday. is a Buck Knife that Jack Spirko, from The Survival Podcast gave me. It is always in my coat pocket and I almost never use it. Once I opened a can of beans or something like that with it πŸ™‚ ok so that isn’t its intended use but it worked. I would almost never do that with any knife I cared about. If you have never listened to Jack’s show you should. He has all kinds of great material.  Maybe some shows aren’t suitable for all audiences but don’t let that stop you from learning all the good stuff he has to offer.  Also to learn more about Survival and EDC Check out Dave Canterbury at The Pathfinder School  Or Bush Craft On Fire with David Wendell. And if you haven’t joined my Facebook page please take the time to Like it today. Thank You! Patrick


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