Artist, Artisan, and The Craftsman

The Artist, Artisan, and The Craftsman?  This is a question I am still trying to answer. Which one am I?  “Why does it Matter” You ask. Simple, determining which one you are will prevent heartbreak, and failure. 
The Artist, this is someone who desperately needs to express themself in what ever they do. Willing to do what ever it takes, no matter the cost. The funny thing about an artist is most of the time they are broke doing what they are passionate about, few really appreciate what they are doing until they are gone.
The Craftsman, is someone who is skilled in a trade. This is a person who likes to work with their hands seeing the progress they make. They don’t have this driving passion inside, they simply like to be productive and make a living. They become very skilled over time. They are practical, considering how they are going to make their living so they can do the things they really enjoy.
The Artisan, He is someone who has both the qualities of an Artist and the craftsman. Expressing Himself from time to time. But keeping in mind the cost of providing for his family. 
This concept was first introduced to me from Murray Carter, who considers Himself an Artisan. This is a question I am not sure of for myself, fortunately I make knives in my spare time for now and don’t have to rely on an income from making knives. Right now I am pouring all the money from knives back into better tools. I can say this, I would consider myself a perfectionist, not at all saying my knives are perfect. Simply I have not yet made a perfect knife, every knife I make I could show you one thing or another that I would change.  I spend hours trying to make my knives perfect, knowing I am spending “to much time” on them, because I want to make the best knives I can.  So how about You? Which one are You? I would love to hear some feedback leave a comment. Thank You Patrick

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