New Hire

I had to recrute some help, I am running behind!
Judah hasn’t got enough of his daddy, he came crawling when I walked in the door and wouldn’t let me leave so I took him to work with me. One thing good about working from home.

Groovy Grains!

Groovy Grains!
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Malachi’s Neck Knife!!!

So My son got a hold of one of our old neck knife cases and decided to put it to good use! 🙂
I believe kids need to start out learning how to be responsible with knives at an early age.  We teach our children safe cutting practices and watch them close.  But you have to know they are going to cut them selves this can be one of the best teachers (don’t worry most of their cuts didn’t make it past the bone 😉 they will heal), One of the first knives Malachi had was one I carved him out of wood, he was so proud of that knife.
 He Has a fast draw so you had better watch out! And the Edge… well it is scary dull!
After I get caught up on these orders I will do a post on basic knife handling.

How Hard is it?

Hardened Steel Core To see if the knife has been fully hardened I test it with a file. When the Knife is fully hardened a file should not bit into the steel because the steel core is harder than the file itself. Now that is Hard!!! Here is a video of me trying to drill through a hardened blade. I had got in a hurry and forgot to drill the knife before I heat treated it so I ran into problems trying to drill it. I can take the temper out of the handle by putting the blade in water and heating the handle red hot while the blade is in the water. If you try to do this without the blade in water you will remove the temper out of the blade itself.

Heat Treating

Well time is running out and I still have a lot of work to do, so I pulled an all nighter. Heat Treating is done….(deep sigh of relief) all went well. I had a couple of knives I had to heat treat twice because didn’t quite get them hot enough, but that is what happens when you teater on the edge of just hot enough and too hot. I am still working on getting some videos up but will probably be after the first of the year.
Thank You

Forged blades vs. Stock Removal

This is a highly debated subject, and I would love to say that forging a blade makes a far superior product. The reason people think forged blades are superior is for the fact when you forge a blade you are arranging the grain of the steel to the profile of the blade, (constant like the natural grain of wood compared to say plywood). therefor making a stronger blade. (I think this is true but how measurable that is, is hard to tell) I feel what matters most is the skill level of the blade smith. That being said, forging is the way to go when it comes to strength in things like hooks on a crane that require extreme strength. But the fact of the mater is, I don’t believe it makes a HUGE difference in a knife, a difference yes, but huge no. Forging can save time and material, it is a lot easier for someone to work the hot steel into the shape they desire, compaired to trying to grind away the steel. But the main reason I prefer to forge a blade, it allows the bladesmith to mold the blade into a piece of art, a lot like a potter molding in his hands what he already sees in his head. The way I see it is I could make a machine to grind and form a knife, but then it wouldn’t be CUSTOM would it. It is hard to express how I feel, but to me I wouldn’t be putting all that I had into a blade, with out molding it into that one of a kind, FORGED, piece of art, for You!


Todays Progress

Some really nice grain.